Finding Freedom

Everyone around the world is leading their own individual life unrelated to others. Unrelated means functioning from an isolated centre and this centre, this self is the source of difficulty in any relationship. Isn’t it true that this self is the origin, the beginning of all the contradictions, divisive approach or self-centred approach? We all are trying to be an ‘organised self’ and want other people to act in the same way, so that we have a homogeneous society; ignoring, that this very self is the fundamental cause of the whole disorder. The very nature of the self is to create a virtual boundary which must intrinsically bring disorder. By creating multiple ‘organised self’ we want to create a better society. But basically we are expanding that division which will eventually lead to creating something larger than the society like a city, a nation etc. And as we try to increase our tribe, we are creating more and more wars, sufferings, etc. The major issue is that we are programmed to act in a certain way, for eg. I am programmed to act as a Hindu and someone else is programmed to act as something else, and we all go through this life without introspecting and looking at what we really are. Where is the freedom if we are just mechanically conditioned to act in a certain way? If a person is allowed to roam around in a confined space is that a freedom? Freedom has no condition or limitation otherwise it is not freedom at all.

Freedom is joy, love, compassion or something which is independent of time and it cannot be achieved through mental confinement or isolation or any other method. We will have to take a journey psychologically, to question why 7 billion of us fail to live freely externally? According to my understanding , we all are programmed to be isolated psychologically and want to project freedom externally. The external world we see is the actual projection of that self which is divisive in nature and is an isolated one. Can we as human beings achieve freedom externally without breaking the psychological boundaries? Our activities are the physical manifestation of our psychological thought, so any amount of external repair won’t bring freedom to us even if we try for thousands of years. It has to start from within, we have to achieve psychological freedom through introspection. The freedom and eternal bliss that we are looking for lies within us. The day we perceive this, we will be able to achieve Freedom. There will be no individual identity to fight for and that instant perception of immense Freedom will stay forever beyond time and space.

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