Corridor of Opposites – An Illusion of Becoming

Human beings have evolved biologically through time and this biological process is replicated everywhere on the earth. For example – Little oak grows into tall oak, a baby grows into adolescent and it goes on with everything which evolves with time. After years of empirical studies, humanity has accepted the fact that evolution or progress happens with time. We always put physical efforts to gain some muscle; here thought or will is manifested in the form of activity which is helping us to be fit and strong, but this doesn’t work in the psychological realm because thought cannot work on itself. Thought is the content of the past ,accumulated knowledge and sensory experience. We have moved from the external field into the psychological field with the same mentality and created a fact, that progress happens with time psychologically as well. Now the question which comes to me is why we have moved the fact of external growth into the psychological growth. Why do we think that the way things evolve in the external world will be replicated in the psychological world?  The only answer that I can find is that this whole concept is designed to have some sense of superficial satisfaction i.e., feeling of attainment, safety or certainty.

As I think about this I find that  authoritarians, theologians, religions, priests, they all have exploited human beings by creating a corridor of opposites and after that created methods to walk through that corridor. Let me explain this with an example. Every religion has shared, that by using certain methods prescribed in their scriptures ,they helped a bad man transform into a good man or achieve enlightenment ,nirvana, heaven, etc. If a ‘bad’ man who tells lies, who does cruel things and probably realizes that he is doing an ugly business and says ‘I will change and become good’. But this is not goodness. Goodness is not born out of badness ,also goodness is not the opposite of bad.

We have opposites in the external world for example: man and woman, day and night ,light and dark etc. but psychologically there are no opposites. Let’s examine further. Like in the external world light is the opposite of dark and if light is non-existent then it is darkness. But, is courage the opposite of fear? That is if fear is non-existent, is it courage? Certainly not. So they are not the opposites. If we go into every possible example we will find that all the opposites are born out of their own opposites and there is no corridor or gap; between fear and courage,  between hate and love or between any one point and the other. This fake corridor of  psychological opposites has been invented by religions so that their authority can be accepted to be working. But in reality there is no becoming or reaching at a point or evolving into Godhead. Becoming is an idea not a fact. Opposites are created to detach from a fact. For example: I am greedy, that’s a fact. I try to become non-greedy, which is a non-fact. But if I remain with the fact that I am greedy, then I can do something about it actually, right now. Therefore there is no opposite. There is no process or method or baptism required to act. We can always act on the fact but as we create a non-fact or an idea of becoming we are stuck in a zone where we cannot act.

My point here is to convey that there is no duality in real life. Either I am greedy or not greedy ,but there is no path or corridor between greed and non greed through which I will evolve over time psychologically. This idea of becoming is the invention of philosophers , intellectuals, priests who always say that there is an opposite work for that. For example: If I say I am violent, it is a fact ,that’s all. Let me deal with that , and to deal with that, don’t invent non-violence. If I see a precipice, I will move back immediately rather than inventing an opposite and try to reach there. If I see a danger I don’t have to invent its opposite to act on it or develop a training program to run away from it. If I see danger, I don’t go near it ,that’s all.

There is no end to the examples which can be discussed, but the crux of this whole blog is to share what I feel about this whole game of illusions which has been going on since millennia and how almost everyone of us has been a victim of this becoming and handing over ourselves to the people who created the illusion. Don’t allow yourself to be the victim of this duality otherwise it is like a fish asking a monkey for help and the monkey puts it on the topmost branch to save it from drowning. There is no gradual progress psychologically, so don’t fall for this illusion.

4 thoughts on “Corridor of Opposites – An Illusion of Becoming

  1. Siddharth Dogra says:

    I rarely comment on articles, but this is something very different I have come across. I have gone through all your blogs which came to my recommendation through wordpress. Your blogs talk very differently to me. Man you must go for content subscription.


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