A letter from an Orophile

To ,
Himalayas, India.

Subject – Unexplainable attraction towards you.

Dear Peaks, I am writing today to tell you about the overwhelming feeling which gets induced in me every time I think about you. When I look at you I feel a strong feeling to get close to you as much as possible and keep staring at you unaware of my surroundings. The silent moments which you and I share gives me a palette of emotions all at once and in those moments I forget myself as a human and turn into an invisible speck of joyful emotion or bliss. I feel in unison with everything around me and feel like I exist in everything which makes them beautiful, I become the  colour of the trees and flowers, chirp of the birds, unknown scent in the air, burble of river , silent long flight of eagle soaring from the currents of wind without flapping wings till time unknown. I get transported to a place where time, space and gravity have become  meaningless and I feel I am omnipresent in the form of a infinite bliss in everything. I get transformed into an emotion and travel from iced peaks to river beds without any limitation, bondage, obstacles. Someday I will transform permanently into this emotion and travel blissfully forever.

Thank you.
Yours forever
An unexplained emotion.

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