A Mountain of Imagination

Everyone of us have always used imagination as a powerful tool to create a world which is custom weaved according to us. I have always been imagining about one myself since childhood. I kept decorating it with all the answers to the questions that I always asked myself. Everyone in this life imagines oneself  as a superhero or some character who has the ideal solution for one’s problems. Similarly I also imagined myself to be the one.I imagined myself to be a thought or an emotion which can germinate itself into the minds of people from the seed of words sown below.

 I want to be a thought or an emotion which directs the muscles of cheeks to be pulled apart to take the shape of a beautiful smile. I want to be the thought which raises the level of the reservoir in tear glands and forces it to overflow with happiness. I want to be the thought which directs some extra blood towards cheeks and makes it appear blushing, when one meets one’s life partner for the first time. I want to be the thought which forces the lungs to take a deep breath while standing in a pine forest. I want to be a thought which keeps the eyelids wide open while looking at a beautiful flower. I want to be the thought which irons out the folds from the forehead when one puts on spectacles to read clearly. I want to be the thought which makes the skin pores protrude, while standing in the first rain after summer. I want to be a thought which forces the vocal cords to express exclamation, while looking at a river winding through the valley. I want to become a thought which expresses itself to the bearer as the only thought which contains in itself all love and happiness possible on this earth.

I want to accumulate all the forms of me as thought stated above and pile it up into a single beautiful mountain of thoughts. If I look at this mountain, I see myself as a huge wall of love and happiness; which is spread over different  phases in different forms, collectively called life.  My whole imagination leads me to a point where I can say that this whole life is a beautiful mountain and we need to observe every small movement of the thought induced in us which is a life in itself. 

14 thoughts on “A Mountain of Imagination

  1. Ayushi Jain says:

    Quality of your thought is very crisp and to the point. Your connect with your idea is very smooth and profound. Simply magical.


  2. Bhaumik Chandran says:

    A very innovative way of representing thoughts. Feel something different while reading your blogs. Work of a pure scholarly mind. Your thoughts reflect your indepth approach towards every thought a human can think of. Very rare content on wordpress.


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