She is a face which gives its meaning to the word beautiful;

She is an emotion which is termed as care;

She is the epitome of sacrifice;

She brings out the best in me; 

She is the one standing for me; 

She is the seed germinating into happiness;

She is a timeless beauty and reality;

She is a statue of passion and invincible force;

She is a wave of laughter from morning to evening;

She is wider than the known and closer than unknown;

She is a glowing splendour of pure intention;

She is a courted queen;

She is a pampered doll;

She is the angel of the house;

She has a fire that can never be quenched;

She is a triumph of courage and strength;

She is a charm restoring hope in failing hearts; 

She is a simple purity of cheerfulness;

She is an imperishable lustre, brightening lives;

She is a simple being beaming with joy;

She has wide eyes of a tranquil trance;

She is an overwhelming tide of abundance;

She is a secret person supporting all;

She is the witness of an ignorant life;

She is the inducer of the impulses that whispers calmness; 

She is the blissful sweetness of the intangible’s touch;

She is the resonance of my hollow self;

She is a beautiful landscape without a sound;

She is a gleaming portion of an all-beautiful realm;

She has a perfect smile bringing everlasting ascetic peace;

She pours the sweetness and greatness in my life;

She is the thought in my brain that guides the speech;

She is the harmony of attraction and intimacy;

She is fearless;

She is irreplaceable; 

She is her own Identity

38 thoughts on “SHE

  1. Manjeet Singh says:

    We rarely acknowledge the roles of mother, wife, sister, friend etc in our lives. You have great clarity of thought. Will share with my family.


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