Into the Wilderness

I love trekking since my childhood. It helps me find out answers that only makes sense to me. It helps me uncover the secrets of my own abyss. When I am into the wild, I feel as if I am returning to the place I belong to. I discover myself as nature. I am nature and can only find myself as a part of it. While in the woods the time slows down giving me more time to think and develop perception to achieve timelessness. Wilderness gives me slowness and focus. I achieve purity in wilderness and become my sincere self. 

A different way of communication happens here in which there are no words. The birds chirp at a frequency which invokes the sweet sound-buds on the ear drum. The river water embracing the gravity converts the stones into sound boxes producing a gurgling sound reminding me of the irrelevancy of my tongue. As I breathe in, I feel enchanted by the fragrance in the air and my mind shuts the eyelids focussing on this newfound dimension of air; and as I breathe out I find out finally what a sigh of relief is. I walk on the carpet of life which holds these towers of fragrance wondering how talented these trees are, they extract fragrance out of soil, generate oxygen to sustain life and I laugh at me because I showcase my talent by printing a degree made out of tree. Every step I take I see the complete band of colours everywhere making me realise the reason for having eyes. I feel the intelligence in every particle around me. Air becomes a medium of communication by transporting the vibrations to eardrums, carrying fragrances by brushing itself against the trees, transporting photons of light to my retina.

This complete pattern or combination of every experience in me makes me feel familiarly surprised. Now I know the purpose of having sense organs ,it is the nature’s way of experiencing itself. I feel so close that there seems to be no boundary of separation between me and my surroundings, I just dissipate into existence. I feel I exist into everything and everything exists in me. I become uninterrupted and interconnected. Everything becomes a constant and I reach the viewless summit with unknown depths perpetuating a timelessly silent bliss of whole eternity. 

This communication tells me that how irrelevant our daily communication is. Our ways of communication have an inherent disturbing vibration to create constant ripples in our minds.  We are saturated in our lives with consumer goods , we live in excess, and yet we choke on dissatisfaction at the same time. We fail to see the essence of everything we have.It feels like that there is a complete mismatch of the frequency which can only be calibrated by going into the wilderness. Wilderness heals with its austerity.

Life is a gift which is cosmically negligible and in that I need to inject enhancers, colours, flavours and smells of my origins. I am the author and sculptor of a piece of eternity and that eternity is my life and I will make every effort to carve out of it the best possible monument. Let’s walk into wilderness.

31 thoughts on “Into the Wilderness

    • Jeevan Joshi says:

      This blog is so real. There are certain things which can’t put into words but you surely did that. Will look forward for more from you.



  1. Rajat Sharma says:

    This is some serious stuff. This can only be put into words if one has felt it. This feeling cannot be faked. Very very happy to read your blog. Keep it up man.


  2. Vedika Patel says:

    This blog is really motivating. Feels like I am missing out. Never trekked in my life as I have a fear of heights but after reading this my fear is really gone and i want to go for trek at the earliest.


  3. Aakar Saini says:

    This the best motivation for trekking which no marketing or advertising can achieve through any campaign. You must write for trekking and travel websites.


  4. Snehil says:

    Out of this one can easily imagine or can be in imagination of whole journey you have taken till now. The words describing the incredible nature around the mountains are amazing.


  5. Vartika Sen says:

    This blog is a testament of your stillness and control over mind. This is one of the best blogs I have ever come across since I have started reading on wordpress. You will go a long way. Keep writing. Keep it up. God bless.


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