Serendipity – An Un-Truncated Intuition- A Eureka Of Discovery

Serendipity is the ability to make fortunate discoveries accidentally. There is an art to finding something when you are not looking for it. It is one of those small things that make life worth living. In this modern day world, we have become monotonous to such an extreme extent that the chance of finding something accidentally has no probability.

We have become precise in every aspect and have developed softwares to give us the wanted results even for matchmaking, undercutting the Serendipity which comes out of finding something interesting while dating someone . Now, we plug a list of characteristics into a Web page in search of our True Love, more like ordering food from a McDonald’s menu. We do it all in the name of saving time. It is efficient, but dull. When you know what you want – or think you do – you lose the adventure of discovery, of finding something for yourself.

Everyone is trying to find fulfilment out of the activities which everyone else is doing, watching the same TV series, having the same gadgets, wearing outfits which are trending; doing something which is started by someone else and following it blindly; taking away the creative power of mind and restricting it to follow what others are doing. Can a mind find fulfilment out of copying someone?

Fulfilment is an expression of experience; experience unique to each of us, not tailor-made for someone else. Fulfilment in any case is a matter of experience and no amount of teaching, following or copying can express it. It cannot be described in a way that can really be understood by a mind that has not undergone the effulgent transmuting experience.

Serendipity has enriched my life with essential nutrients allowing me to harvest an abundance of life force, which I never knew existed in me.

For me it started with Motorcycling in the Himalayas. The silence contrasting with the soothing soundtrack of tires crunching on gravel. The unexplored places on the outside making me realise the unexplored places inside my mind. A far horizon acting as a line of division between sky and earth seems to indicate the different hemispheres of my mind; one side thinking that the earth and sky meet at the horizon while the other thinking that the earth and the sky emerge from the horizon. The beautiful vast valleys and the high peaks demonstrate how beautiful life seems with all the ups and downs. A stunning view after a blind turn makes me realise how life can be beautiful if we keep moving through the blind turns of life. The zeal of moving through the unknown places replenishes the will to keep exploring ourselves in whatever way we can. This continuous un-truncated intuition while riding, happens to be the Eureka moment in my life and I will keep riding till my mind ceases to be my mind and become something beyond it; till my life changes into a thing vast and calm, intense and powerful that can no longer recognise its old narrow self. With my mind, my body will undergo a mutation and no longer remain the animal of desire and petty impulses but instead become a conscious and radiant living form of the cosmic order.

An average man even now, is in his inward existence as crude and as underdeveloped as was the bygone primitive man in his outward life. We need to find that fine line between keeping our life routines completely negligent towards the chances of discovery and keeping it open in certain aspects where the joy of finding something accidentally can change the way we look at ourselves.

The modern world, it seems, is conspiring against serendipity. But we cannot blame technology.I have met this enemy, and it is us. We forgot that we invented this stuff. We must lead technology, not allow technology to lead us. The world is a better and more cost effective place because of technology, but we have lost the imperfections inherent in humanity- the things that make life a messy and majestic catastrophe.

We must allow ourselves to be surprised. We must re-learn how to be a human- to start again as we did as children- learning through awkward and bungling discoveries.

Just imagine – without Serendipity I could have missed all of this!

19 thoughts on “Serendipity – An Un-Truncated Intuition- A Eureka Of Discovery

  1. Manvi says:

    My whole family reads your article. Very soothing . My grandpa is a great admirer of your blogs. Can we connect over Instagram?


  2. Arpit says:

    We really miss out many things because of over usage of technology. What you explained is a great way of promoting traveling. Loved your blog brother


  3. Dilpreet Dhillon says:

    Finding new things to look at in life from your blogs. I an 62 and a retired army man, have been to many places but never felt it. Now asi recall things I am finding new dimensions out of it. Thank you for your inspiring ideas. God bless


  4. Harsh Jayant says:

    This is the real truth. We don’t know where to draw a line while using the technology. Very aptly written. Good job. Keep writing.


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