Motorcycling in Himalayas – A Chrysalis – A Mental Metamorphosis

Motorcycling has helped me a lot, to grow into a person who I am today. Motorcycling for me is like a thought. The only difference is that it takes me to the remotest parts of the external world the way thought takes me to the remotest part of my inner world. There is a third aspect which bridges the gap between the external mode of travel and internal mode of travel for me, and that is the Himalayas.

The more I traveled through the remote Himalayan regions on my motorcycle, the more I felt its exact resemblance with the untouched remoteness of my inner self. In that moment, my thoughts and my motorcycle become one and I become that fine line which separates the outer and the inner remoteness. It feels like I am at the centre of the mirrored images.

Motorcycling made me realise that the journey towards the untouched remoteness is full of ups and downs, but once I am in that zone I get transported into my inner solitude. The calmness on the outside makes my mind calm like a pond of water without ripples. I acquire the reflection of everything I see on the outside. I become transparent revealing the stones underneath as past events and occurrences that made ripples within me in the past but raising my level a bit in doing so.

My motorcycle is a trampoline which I use to jump into my inner self, just with a turn of key. In the remote Himalayan region no one knows me but there is a welcoming emotion latent within people’s approach. I feel blessed being away from an identity that I have made for myself in the city life. I feel happy not getting recognised by what I do but by just being there as a human. Similarly as I go away from my egocentric identity, towards those remote regions in mind, I feel a sense of freedom, detachment from the overpowering ego, welcomed by the distant silhouettes of bliss which were obscured by the stagnate thoughts.

Himalayas for me has been a protective layer and a tough teacher which tested me on every turn and made me physically and mentally stronger than ever before. It is a chrysalis for me and will remain to be till I reach a state of complete mental and physical metamorphosis and remain in that remote region where I, me or self, everything fades away and becomes one with everything that exists.


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